How to increase with


How to increase with

You have 3 possibilities to bid at an auction and buy objects: Visiting the auction in Königswinter, bidding in writing or bidding by phone.


Auction experience

The procedure

You attend an auction in person on the day of the auction. If possible, you obtain a bidder's number at the cash desk as soon as you arrive, with which you can actively participate in the auction. The presentation of an identity card is a condition for persons not yet known to the house.

As the bidding for the objects takes place very quickly during the auction, you should follow the auction carefully. When your object is called out, you can participate in the auction by raising your hand or your personal bidder number.

To do this, raise your bidder number clearly upwards. If there are several bidders, the object will be awarded to the first, second and third bidder at the end. By receiving the bidder number, the bidder accepts the AUCTION PARTNERS" style="font-size: inherit; font-weight: inherit;">General Terms and Conditions for Bidders of AUCTION PARTNERS.


Written bids

If you are unable to attend the auction in person, you may submit a written bid by letter or fax.

To do so, please fill in the form "Written bid". You will receive this form either at the auction house during the preview or you can send it via the online form.

Please fill out the printed form completely and send it by mail or fax to AUCTION PARTNERS or fill out the online form and the data will be sent by e-mail.


Rules for bids

Bids are accepted in Euro only. From a starting price of Euro 1,000, written bids may not exceed 3 times the limit. For written bids exceeding this limit, please also fill in the form "Bank reference" and send it to us together with your written bid.

Written bids must be received by us at least 2 days before the auction. All written bids are binding for the bidder. The bid will be accepted as low as possible, without taking advantage of your possibly higher bid.

It is therefore worthwhile to place a somewhat higher bid, as bids that are too low are not always successful.

The buyer's commission (buyer's premium) of 17.85% including the current 19% VAT is not yet included in the bids. In the case of equal bids from different bidders, the bid which is received first by AUCTION PARTNERS shall be accepted.

With his bid the bidder accepts the AUCTION PARTNERS">general terms and conditions for bidders of AUCTION PART NERS. AUCTION PARTNERS">
NERS treats all written bids strictly confidential.


Telephone bids

You can also participate in the auction by telephone. However, we request that you only bid by telephone for items with a value of 500 Euros or more. In Germany this service is free of charge, but must be agreed with us in writing.

If you wish to bid by telephone, please fill in the form "Telephone bid". When bidding by telephone, you bid at least the starting price of the lot. Your message should reach us no later than the Thursday before the auction. You will then be called at the appropriate time during the auction. Telephone bidders undertake, if they cannot be reached during the auction, to accept the stated starting price according to the catalogue as their bid.

By placing a bid, the bidder accepts AUCTION PARTNERS">the General Terms and Conditions for Bidders of AUCTION PARTNERS.

AUCTION PARTNERS is not responsible for electronic or mechanical errors.

The bidding increment is normally 5 Euro for a limit up to 100 Euro, from 100 - 500 Euro 10 % to the next higher 100. All bids above 500 Euro will then be in steps of 50 Euro.
In the case of "no limit bids", the auctioneer starts with the highest written bid, possibly already submitted before the auction.